Working together through your journey.

We offer more than just a steel house frame - we are partners in your journey, and together the future is STRONG.

What we offer
What we offer

What we do.


Turn Key Solution.

We understand the pressures of the building process, which is why we provide you with a full turn key solution. 
   - Professionally designed frames and trusses
   - Provide flooring solutions to suit 2 and 3 storey's
   - Frame and truss structural Engineering Certification
   - Manufacture and supply of structural steel  
   - Ongoing technical and installation guidance 


Collaborative Process.

Working collaboratively throughout the entire process ensures that we provide you with an exceptional experience every time.
   - Collaboration at pre-design and design stage
  - Liaison with Engineers throughout design stage
  - Installation guidance and training provided 
  - Ongoing technical and onsite support
  - Flexible project co-ordniation


Game Changing Pace.

Time is money, so when you choose a Hitek Steel Frame, you will reap the benefits of our market leading pace. 
   - Accelerated lead times - design and manufacture
   - Just-in-Time delivery to site
   - Installation guidance for fast installation 


Quality Guaranteed.

You can rest assured that every frame supplied by Hitek Steel Framing will surpass your quality requirements.
  - All frames are fully certified by a Structural Engineer
  - All steel supplied meets Australian & International Standards
  - 50 year warranty available to eligible customers
  - Frames are manufactured and assembled locally


Smart Choice.

When strength and integrity are critical to the finished product, Hitek Steel Framing are the obvious choice.
  - 100% dimensionally accurate - straight and true
  - Light-weight - easy to handle
  - Pre-assembled walls, joists & trusses - fast to install
  - Pre-punched service holes - save even more time
  - Won't warp, twist, sag or rot - no settling issues
  - Non-combustible - build anywhere
  - 100% termite and borer proof - avoid pesticides 


Less Waste.

We manufacture our frames to within a 1mm tolerance. This precision means there is less waste throughout the build process.
  - Less on-site waste - no unnecessary off-cuts
  - 100% recyclable scrap - reduce waste disposal costs
  - Clean site - no messy sawdust or scraps
  - Recycled steel can be reused without loss in quality